Volvic Volcanic Experience


Enter the Volvic Volcanic eXperience !

Get ready for a unique experience! Come discover the wonders of nature preserved in a place where water, stone, and volcanoes have shaped an extraordinary piece of our natural heritage. Share a true and friendly experience with the people who live here; come marvel at the beauty of both nature and humanity.

Get ready to move, explore, and feel alive! Inhale … Exhale … and experience the highlights of this cultural event that came to be thanks to people full of passion and authenticity, inspired by their wonder for the land. Because here, everything beings with wonder.

The experience
athletic experience

Whether you are a seasoned, occasional, or beginning athlete, the first edition of VVX offers you a schedule of sporting events in an exceptional setting that will let you share in experiences that match your pace and performance. With races of different lengths, hikes, mountain biking excursions, and beginning-level classes for kids and adults alike, everything here has been designed to give you a chance to marvel at all the beauty nature has to offer and to make this an unforgettable athletic challenge.

The experience

Whether you are a newcomer or a long-time admirer of Volvic, the first edition of VVX offers you a cultural programme in an exceptional setting where you can share in experiences and discoveries that are tailored to your interests, with a focus on volcanoes, water, and stone. Whether visiting artists’ studios and emblematic sites like the Volvic catchment area, touring the city, or attending meetings and events with local associations, you will find that everything here has been designed so you can marvel at the beauty of nature and history and enjoy the authenticity of a landscape, its people, and their craftsmanship.

The experience

This first edition of VVX offers you a schedule of festivities in an exceptional setting that will let you share intense and lively moments with others. Your three days will be filled with happy hours,  festive meals and snacks, concerts, and shows, all leading up to a final show in a secret spot...but shhh! That’s another story. While you wait for the finale, you’ll have the chance to enjoy many magical moments of shared experience.

your experience