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Closing Concert : Kawrites – Minuit – Yarol

Saturday 23 May - 08:00 p.m. to 00:30 a.m. - Goulet
All welcome
€16,80 (free for under 14s)


The three-day Volvic Volcanic Experience of sport, discovery and new friends will draw to a close with the help of three musical acts of the highest calibre!

Dinner + closing concert: €25 (€12 for children under 14) to discover by clicking on the link below:

1st June – Closing dinner and concert



As the rich violin of centuries-old takes the haunting electro-jungle to the heart of the city, the heart of the night, Romane and Marion form the duo known as Kawrites. Inviting us to join them in their world of imagination and enchantment, influenced by a wide range of artists, including Rone and even Birdy Nam Nam, they’re always evolving into new spheres of the evanescent and ethereal world of electronic music.


After their surprise arrival onto the French music scene with an EP acclaimed by critics and the public alike, as well as a tour across the entire country, finally, ‘Vertigo’ hit the headlines. A début album that exceeded even the wildest expectations of Simone Ringer (vocals), Raoul Chichin (guitar), Joseph Delmas (guitar) and Clément Aubert (bass), good news, Minuit have stayed true to their way of working on instinct, just as they have ever since the band was formed in 2013 by Raoul and Joseph, who share a passion for the guitar – preferably electric – and were soon joined by Clem and Simone. Add in a strong penchant for arrangements and production, taken care of by fellow collaborator Azzedine Djelil, and this is where you see the band’s ability to transcend the contrasts between raw feelings and rousing melodies. Whilst the musical Zeitgeist favours hip-hop and urban sounds, Minuit shakes off any labels and welcomes you to their rock n’ roll garden… not to mention some amazing guitar solos dressed up as synthetic sounds. Accomplished musicians in their own right, Minuit are at the same time wild beasts on the music scene and hermits of the studio, and it was in Paris, the band’s home town, that they recorded ‘Vertigo’.

Opening with a feverish nod to Blondie, ‘Vertigo’ is a highly-visual and rampant sort of album. Also live, given some of the tracks were first tried out on stage before being refined back in the studio. The tracks are alternately sensual (Paris Tropical, Moaning for Your Love, Obsession, which has already been named hit of the year for 2018), melancholic (Cimetière des Amitiés), nostalgic (Oran) and disturbing (Glacial, Harry Tueur), but always sensational, in the truest sense of the word and in the image of the title track. A nod to Alfred Hitchcock, perhaps? No, Minuit draws its cinematic references from somewhere in between Disney and Stanley Kubrick. Vertigo therefore refers to that whimsical imbalance that can often rule our lives, like Alice in Wonderland falling down the rabbit hole.


At home both on stage and in the studio, Yarol has always wandered between different imaginary worlds with total freedom. With an instinctive appreciation of art and beauty, he never ceases to feed his ravenous appetite for different musical genres, including rock, blues, punk, hip-hop, afrobeat, funk, soul, electro… just about anything, as long as it gets you moving, sweating and electrified.

For his first solo undertaking, he’s decided to wrestle with singing, writing and composing tracks in both French and English. His unifying music unfolds into a new genre altogether that only he could pull off – the energy of rock with the get-up-and-go of dance. Guitar solos that make the girls scream, riffs that make the boys shake, and rhythms that make your heart skip a beat… he plays with so many styles for just one purpose: fever.

And that fever is never more pronounced than when he’s on stage. With some incredible musicians alongside him, Yarol’s sound comes from deep within. No matter where he plays or the size of the crowd, the energy is always the same – sweaty and restless. Seeing Yarol, you’ll need to be ready to dance the night away as he leaves you drenched, wringing out your shirt, entranced and heading home amazed in a sort of electronic stupor. Throughout his career, he has collaborated with the likes of FFF, Johnny Hallyday, Camille Bazbaz, Winston McAnuff, Staff Benda Bilili, Jupiter & Okwess, Scratch Massive, Niagara, Adrienne Pauly, Ultra Orange, l’Indigo and many more.

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