Imagine a timeless experience discovering a remarkable land, the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park, moulded by volcanoes, stone, and water. Imagine a journey of the senses where people of all ages who love outdoor activities and exploration enjoy vibrant, well-preserved natural areas. Imagine three days of wonder, enjoyment, and conviviality meeting men and women who love their region.


Between Jean-Michel Chopin, former Director of Evian Volvic World Operations, ex-chief executive of the Société des Eaux de Volvic, and Thierry Courtadon, the sculptor who makes black lava stone 50,000 shades of grey, ambassador of regional art, the meeting could only… flow naturally.

United by their mutual passion for freedom and authenticity, the two men quickly bonded over outdoor sports and tranquil hikes.

Bernard Echalier, a faithful friend who knows the Chaîne des Puy like the back of his hand, and Mohand Hamoumou, elected mayor of Volvic from March 2008 to June 2020, naturally joined them to provide their experience and their enthusiasm. They are always ready to support a project aimed at bringing people and nature together.

These four men are passionate about their region and they soon bonded and came to trust one another.

Share a Unique Experience 

With innovation as their shared motivation, these men came together to exchange new ideas with the goal of creating an extraordinary event .

They wrote their own “imagine” statements: Imagine all the people discovering nature together in a land where water, stone, and volcanoes have created these remarkable volcanic landscapes and this unusual and extraordinary natural heritage … Imagine human beings united by their awe of the region’s biodiversity, architecture, gastronomy, and artisanship … Imagine … and thus, the Volvic Volcanic Experience (VVX) came to be.

The agreement to launch the event was based on shared philosophy and values such as authenticity, originality, quality, conviviality, and environmental responsibility, embodied by cultural activities, sporting events and lively celebrations.

But the four founders had even more dreams for their project. They wanted to fulfil the dream of bringing together everyone searching for simplicity, beauty, and authenticity. They wanted to encourage people to move, bond with one another, see the world differently, and connect with friends and family. They also wanted to take the opportunity to share the commitments to protect the environment made by the Volvic brand, the town of Volvic, and the company Echalier, in connection with local actors, to promote even more environmentally responsible behaviours.

In short, they hoped this project would be supported by those are directly affected.   

VVX volunteers: a vital, exceptional and essential force!

All throughout the VVX adventure, and certainly before and after, more than 400 volunteers support participants and the many visitors in attendance by taking turns as beacon holders, signallers, refuellers, helping to set up shows, provide entertainment, run workshops, and even welcome guests, providing vital information and services (meals and refreshments).

They embody the true spirit of VVX, founded on the values of commitment, respect and friendliness, always with a smile!

May the volcanic force be with you!

Whether you are a newcomer or a long-time admirer of Volvic, you will relish this immersive experience in the exceptional setting of the Chaîne des Puys. Come enjoy the friendly atmosphere of this experience as you soak in the knowledge of local residents and appreciate the beauty of nature.

Like Volvic’s unique water that slowly percolates through volcanic rock absorbing minerals, this unprecedented event will gradually evolve based on your initiatives, interests, and challenges.

The first of these challenges will be to ensure that this event surpasses your expectations.

Be prepared to move, explore, and feel alive! 

Inhale … Exhale … and discover the highlights of this extraordinary event born from the desire to share our passion for this authentic natural landscape.

Because here, everything begins with a taste for authenticity 

Enter the Volvic Volcanic Experience!

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