Acting for the Environment

Beyond the main focus of the event’s programs and activities promoting our exceptional natural heritage, the VVX event also emphasizes the importance of preserving the environment. An advanced approach to sustainable development has also been organised:

Preserving natural resources

  • Limiting use of disposable products to reduce waste
  • Organising programmes for recycling and repurposing waste
  • Implementing educational activities about selective sorting and recycling
  • Using trail markers made from natural materials that are then removed once the last participants have finished the hike
  • Digitalising communication materials and only distributing reasonable amounts of papers
  • Producing all paper products following PEFC certification guidelines using raw materials from sustainably managed forests

Preserving biodiversity

  • Making sure to not disturb ecosystems in place during events, specifically by systematically consulting land managers when establishing trails (LPO, Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park, Natura 200, etc.)
  • Establishing an environmental fee for all runners and hikers participating in the event; the sum will be given to the Auvergne Volcanoes Regional Nature Park for upkeep of the paths used during the event
  • Selecting trail marker materials based on their biodegradability (like wood and starch)
  • Choosing food based on criteria like seasonality, origin, type of agriculture, and carbon footprint and favouring products with short production chains
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