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Saturday 23 May


Whether you are a seasoned professional or a total novice, the VVX offers you a full programme of cultural discoveries in an exceptionally beautiful, rich and well-preserved natural setting.

Beyond providing your athletic performance, follow in the footsteps of the men and women you’ll meet who are passionate about their local area and want to share a timeless experience with you, helping you discover a remarkable land shaped by volcanoes, stone and water. You can visit artisan workshops and some truly symbolic attractions, such as the Volvic impluvium, as you uncover the town’s rich heritage.

Everything is designed to give you an amazing experience in the heart of nature, but also amongst the history and stories of the region, its people and their expertise.

The VVX is an event that embodies strong values, combining authenticity, respect, friendliness… and SHARING!

May the volcanic force be with you! Enter the Volvic Volcanic Experience!

The stone

  • Explore the workshop of a famous Volvic-based sculptor who gave life to the Volvic stone and contributed to its global fame.
  • All around the Volvic stone, you’ll find exhibitions, demonstrations, stone workshops, local craftworks, and more.

The water

  • Discover the Volvic Impluvium, a 38km² nature reserve and the birthplace of Volvic natural mineral water.
  • Visit the Volvic factory to learn about our unique expertise and a history spanning more than 50 years!

The region

  • Discover the heritage of this town of quarrymen and its amazing architecture, fountains and history as you take a stroll through the listed cemetery, a showcase of the wonders made by Volvic expert stonecutters and sculptors over the centuries.
  • Discover the Volvic region and its glorious food scene with a culinary tour that takes you from village to village and stove to stove for a true gastronomic journey of discovery
Musical evenings
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